Blue Tang Inn Owner creates Reef View Education Center Serving San Pedro Schools

Owner of Blue Tang Inn, Curt Fisher, recently purchased a building in San Pedro for the Reef View Education Center. Mr. Fisher lives in Mankato, MN, is alumni of Minnesota State University Mankato and has a passion for providing opportunities for MSU Mankato students. The Reef View Education Center blends his passions for MSU Mankato and Belize.

The focus of the MSU/ Belize Initiative is to create opportunities for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students to provide services to meet the needs of Belize children, families and industry. The students are engaged in assessing, developing and implementing intervention plans as needed for specifically identified school-aged children.

The development of international partnerships gives MSU students the opportunity through experience to enhance their perspective of the world through intercultural exchange. Students also gain experience in research, collaboration, international travel and serving others.
Contact Project Coordinator, Kristin Lamoureux, for more information about how you can get involved. [email protected] 1-866-337-8202.

MSU Professor, Michelle Alvarez writes: “Four students and two faculty from the Minnesota State University, Mankato Social Work Department just returned from a week of providing school social work services at Island Academy, San Pedro Roman Catholic School, and Holy Cross. We are very grateful to the school administrators, teachers, students and their families that allowed us to be part of their lives this past week. It was both a professional and cultural experience that we all grew from and we look forward to returning in October to visit with the wonderful students at each school! We are grateful for the opportunity to hold class in the Reef View Education Center and to stay in the condos above the Education Center. San Pedro is a wonderful place for our students to both learn and serve a wonderful community and I highly recommend the Reef View Education Center to other universities seeking service and study abroad opportunities for their students.”

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