We arrived at the Blue Tang Inn as boyfriend and girlfriend and departed as husband and wife!

The vacation was planned as “just as vacation” yet in actuality “we eloped”!  And we couldn’t have chosen a better place than San Pedro, Belize or a better inn than the Blue Tang Inn. 
It was the first time to Belize for both of us.

We stayed in room 10 for half of our stay and room 15 for the second half. The bathroom and kitchen create a mini apartment. The terrific staff and the locals are the most welcoming people. I have extensively traveled the Gulf of Mexico and the Belizean people are by far the best! They are helpful, friendly and kind.

The Blue Tang Inn is in the perfect location and the pool clean and sunny. The inn offers a grill, golf cart rentals, bike rentals…in other words, everything for a perfect vacation. They provide breakfast and a ride to the airport. The room allows you to unpack and unwind. FABULOUS! The location is right on the ocean with two great cocktail locations within sight. The travelers to the inn vary in ages; we are in our middle age years and enjoyed meeting others. You can choose to explore the island or just hang out right within sight distance of the inn.

I have stayed in lots of boutique inns and the Blue Tang Inn has incorporated all the amenities and services I have experienced at various inns into one – you will not be disappointed but very pleased. 
And, I must post the wonderful assistance we were provided with arranging our wedding ceremony. While we chose to just simply exchange vows, the inn staff (Allan and Fanny) helped us with contacting the local Justice of the Peace. The staff even served as our “wedding photographers”.

Without a doubt we’ll return to the Blue Tang Inn and Belize. After all, as we were informed by one of the locals, we’re “Belizean” now…as we were united as husband and wife!

– Laura & Jeff

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