Don’t Miss a Trip to Shark Ray Alley in Belize

You’ve probably heard of the famous Blue Hole just off the coast of Belize’s Ambergris Caye, but have you heard of Shark Ray Alley? Shark Ray Alley is actually a subsection of the famous Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a vast protected marine area of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests.

As the name suggests, visits to Shark Ray Alley offer an unprecedented opportunity to swim with sharks and sting rays. Moreover, it’s one of the top-rated snorkeling destinations off the coast of Belize, and it’s just one of the many day-trip destinations we can help you arrange when you stay with us at our #1-rated hotel in San Pedro, Belize.

Our waterfront hotel in San Pedro, the Blue Tang Inn, is located within walking distance of San Pedro town on the beautiful Ambergris Caye, a top-rated destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and relaxation. We’re just entering one of the best times of year to visit Belize, which means now’s the perfect time to plan your trip to San Pedro.

We’d love nothing more than to show you the very best of this amazing place, including the Shark Ray Alley in Belize! Book your room at our waterfront hotel today!

A sting ray along the bottom of Shark Ray Alley in Belize

Go Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley in Belize

Though there are plenty of fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving destinations to choose from off the coast of Ambergris Caye, there’s no doubt that one of our favorite places to recommend to guests is the popular Shark Ray Alley in Belize. Shark Ray Alley in Belize is part of the spectacular Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which is a protected part of the Belize Barrier Reef meaning “little channel.”

Shark Ray Alley, in particular, used to be where Belize fishermen would go to clean their daily catch – perfect food for those growing nurse sharks and rays that still populate these waters today! Today, these protected waters serve another important function – to help guests get up close and personal with some of Belize’s most famous wildlife in a safe way and to protect this beautiful habitat for future generations.

Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley in Belize is one of the world’s best opportunities to swim with nurse sharks, sting rays, turtles, and a huge variety of reef fish. Before you get too frightened, though, you should know that nurse sharks are considered some of the safest sharks to swim with. Those you’ll find here typically reach a mature size of about 6 feet. This is also a popular feeding ground for smaller rays, which typically reach a maximum wingspan of around 4 feet.

Another great perk at Shark Ray Alley in Belize is that the water is relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of around 8 feet with a sandy and grassy bottom. There’s a variety of reefs in the area, too, that are teeming with fish and make for an even more exciting snorkeling adventure.

Snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley in Belize is just one of the many things we can help you arrange while you’re staying at our hotel. We also offer a number of other diving and snorkeling trips, not to mention fishing excursions, sailing adventures, day trips to the mainland, and more. Explore our diverse range of activities and tours, and let us know how we can help you plan.

After a snorkeling adventure in Shark Ray Alley in Belize, relax on the beach in front of our waterfront hotel in San Pedro, Belize

The Best Waterfront Hotel in San Pedro, Belize

If you’re looking for a cozy, intimate, and wonderful waterfront hotel to enjoy during your stay in San Pedro, Belize, you won’t find anywhere that beats our waterfront hotel in San Pedro. The Blue Tang Inn is a smaller, more intimate hotel on the waterfront of San Pedro and within walking distance of San Pedro town. It’s not your traditional hotel stay, but that is one of its many charms.

Our hotel is staffed entirely by locals who take great pride in serving up the best hospitality in town, extending of course to helping you plan the best combination of day trips and excursions throughout your stay with us. Aside from exquisite hospitality, our hotel is also conveniently located near town for great restaurants, shopping, and activities, not to mention right on the waterfront for easy access to all of your planned trips and activities.

Our waterfront hotel in San Pedro also offers just 14 guest suites for you to choose from. Some offer gorgeous oceanfront views and private balconies, while others are economy suites for guests who want to save money. This intimate size ensures you have a quiet, restful retreat and personalized, attentive service throughout your stay with us.

We tend to every detail of your stay, so you don’t have to do anything but kick back and relax – which is entirely the point of a vacation in this beautiful island paradise in the first place. This welcoming, laid-back vibe and exquisite hospitality make us the leading San Pedro, Belize hotel for unforgettable vacations. Book your room with us today!

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