Plan Ahead and Enjoy the Best of Your Trip to Belize!

Imagine unwinding in the lush beauty of Belize, with its dazzling Caribbean shores acting as a backdrop to a relaxing vacation. Of all the spots to vacation in Belize, nowhere is more idyllic than San Pedro Town on the small island of Ambergris Caye. Though there are plenty of Ambergris Caye Resorts, only one offers a welcoming, intimate, and personalized experience you’ll find at Blue Tang Inn.

Retreat off mainland Belize, and you’ll find the gentle lapping of turquoise waters and the soft whisper of palm fronds in the balmy breeze, inviting you to slow down and breathe in the salty air. This charming town, a vibrant hub of the island, offers an enticing blend of local culture and spectacular natural scenery, making it an ideal retreat for travelers seeking the best of Belize. San Pedro town is brimming with inviting cafes, quaint shops, friendly locals, and the signature laid-back Caribbean spirit you’re hoping for.

Beyond the vibrant streets, the island beckons with promises of underwater adventures among pristine coral reefs and leisurely afternoons sailing or fishing on the crystal clear waters off the coast of Belize. As each day unfolds on Ambergris Caye, so too does the possibility of discovery. To elevate your Belize vacation, consider a stay at Blue Tang Inn, one of the leading Ambergris Caye Resorts.

This top-tier resort offers more than just sumptuous accommodations and exemplary service; it provides an exclusive gateway to the best experiences Ambergris Caye offers. From our rare beachfront location to a curated list of activities and tours, every aspect of your stay is designed to leave a lasting impression. Book your Belize vacation today!

One of the oceanview rooms at Blue Tang Inn, one of the best Ambergris Caye Resorts

Ambergris Caye Resorts: Stay With the Best

Whether you’re on a solo adventure to Belize, traveling with your family, or looking for a romantic Caribbean destination to get married or celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more welcoming or accommodating than Blue Tang Inn. Our reputation as one of the best Ambergris Caye Resorts is well-earned after years of exceptional service to every guest who stays with us. 

Our Ambergris Caye Resort is entirely staffed by locals, which means you can expect to enjoy an authentic taste of island hospitality when you stay with us. You can also be assured that our concierge and resort team will send you to only the best local beaches, restaurants, and other attractions. Further, what sets us apart from other Ambergris Caye Resorts is our small, intimate nature. Our small hotel offers a fantastic range of accommodations and amenities for a range of travelers – and with so few other guests here at any given time, you can be assured of personalized attention from our staff. You’ll feel like you’re a part of our family – because you are!

The Blue Tange Inn is also one of the few Ambergris Cayre resorts on the beach. We’re a short walk from San Pedro town, so it’s easy to get wherever you want to go from here. Further, our resort offers the same level of service as other all-inclusive resorts in the area but with the flexibility of choosing what is suitable for you. This ensures your experience is tailored to fit your needs precisely.

We work with the best local guides and services to offer various land and water activities. We also offer curated packages to help take the planning stress out of the vacation. From helping you book diving and snorkeling trips to the Belize Barrier Reef to recommending their favorite restaurants in town, our staff loves to help you create a perfectly tailored vacation in Belize. This dedication to excellence and the guest experience truly sets us apart as one of the best Ambergris Caye resorts. 

Snorkeling and diving with turtles is one of the best things to do in Belize

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation in Belize

As we mentioned, one of the things we do best compared to other Ambergris Caye Resorts is offering a range of activities, tours, and experiences for our guests. This not only aids in planning but also ensures our guests get to enjoy the best of Belize. From diving trips along the Belize Barrier Reef to inland adventures at Mayan Ruins, we’d love to help you make the most of your trip to our Caribbean Island paradise. 

Belize offers an abundance of activities that cater to every type of adventurer. The island is a playground for both the leisure seeker and the adventure enthusiast. From early morning dives in the crystalline waters to late-night strolls along lively streets, Ambergris Caye encapsulates the spirit of a Caribbean paradise bustling with activity. Whether you are snorkeling with colorful marine life, dancing to the rhythmic beats of Garifuna drums, or simply savoring the local cuisine, every moment spent here promises lasting memories.

Here are the top ten things to do in and around Ambergris Caye and San Pedro Town:

  1. Dive into the Great Blue Hole and other destinations on the Belize Barrier Reef, a world-renowned dive site known for its stunning clarity and rich marine biodiversity.
  2. Snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you can swim alongside tropical fish, sea turtles, and even nurse sharks.
  3. Enjoy a leisurely sailing trip around the island, stopping at secluded beaches and hidden coves.
  4. Try fly fishing in the flats or deep-sea fishing to catch tarpon, bonefish, and other big game fish.
  5. Experience the vibrant nightlife of San Pedro Town, with its array of bars and clubs offering live music and dance.
  6. Explore the ancient Mayan ruins located throughout Belize, including those just a short journey from the island.
  7. Relax on Secret Beach, where you can enjoy the soothing ocean views and refresh yourself with a tropical drink from one of the beachside bars.
  8. Sample traditional Belizean cuisine at a local restaurant featuring dishes made with fresh seafood and local spices.
  9. Visit the Caye Caulker, a nearby island known for its laid-back atmosphere and beautiful natural sites.

Above all else, take the time to soak up the atmosphere at Blue Tang Inn, one of the leading Ambergris Caye Resorts. There’s nothing else like it. Book your Caribbean vacation today! 

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